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Meet Hailey Wilson...

Meet Hailey Wilson...

Hailey Wilson, otherwise known as Verse & Venture, was a really special part of our first box. As some of you may have experienced on your own, using a photographer for anything can be a very personal journey. Even though to most of you it looks like we are just shooting our products in an incredible space, we are writing this blog post to tell you it has been so much more than that. 

We have said over and over how important it is for us to invest our time and energy into the maker not just the product and that philosophy includes Hailey. She helped us tell our story, and that is a special bond we will always share. We didn’t just need a talented photographer we needed the RIGHT one and everything from her style to her demeanor she fit us perfectly. 

Hailey is the kind of girl that you fall in love with subtly. She has a sweet soul and an authenticity to her that leaves you craving to know her story. One of our favorite parts about Hailey is hearing her talk about how she met her soulmate in.....wait for it....middle school! She describes her husband, Ryan, as her "home" and blushes as she tells the story of how he asked her to be his girlfriend just about 10 years ago. As you have all figured out by now, we love a good story! 

We spent 3 days together and between our side conversations and watching her work we were constantly shocked by how young she is. She carries herself in such a sure way without being "loud" about it. She was professional with her direction but so patient in letting us figure out what we wanted along the way. She had suggestions that helped us look at things differently and when I (Meredith) didn’t want my picture taken she made me feel at ease. 

As mamas ourselves we were grateful for every second Hailey spent with us, away from her new baby. It was her first trip away from her beautiful son and we knew that was a big deal.  We know that she committed to us because as an artist she connected with our brand and our mission and that gives us so much confidence. 

Even though she spends her time mostly shooting people and relationships, she consistently shoots lifestyle content for our designer, Kirsten Grove. This was another assurance that our brands fit together. For Hailey, her purpose and direction is to tell a story and some would say that is difficult when you are shooting lifestyle images. BUT, that is why we felt she was perfect for us, because she did just that with ease. No matter what she is shooting her images have a haunting romantic feel with a timeless touch. 

Head over to to check out her blog or follow her on Instagram at verseandventure.

As always, thanks for reading!!


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