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Meet Headland Quality Goods....

Meet Headland Quality Goods....

Meet Becca and Scott, owners of Headlands QG. Their material is leather and their signature is "quality goods". 

Every time we connect with them we are more and more thrilled about this collaboration. Their items are beautiful and authentic and we love them as much as we love the couple who makes them. 

Over 5 years ago Scott persistently pursued Becca at her work until one day the two became one. Since then, their family has grown and their business began. Scott manages Landscape Architecture projects by day, he says he "loves the moment when design meets construction". At night he brings those two concepts together with his own hands, stitching these leather pieces together so skillfully.  Since we are both former athletes, we love that Becca was the kicker on her high school football team. Not only do we respect her athletic abilities but who doesn't admire hearing about a female making an all-male team? At Native + nest we are trying to branch out and do something “different”, it was inspiring to work with someone who had the same confidence to go against the grain. The two of them are the perfect blend of innovative and badass and we can’t get enough! 

Dana Point, California 

The name Headlands came from their love of Dana Point CA, where their business first flourished. It all started when Scott, found a clay cup placed beneath a tree with a note that read, "You just found a handmade piece, take it home and enjoy.” I mean are you kidding me? It doesn’t get any better than literally finding a sign that gives you that push to follow your dreams. They share a passion for artistry and had many discussions about stepping out as creatives and then this unexpected and inspiring gift kickstarted it all. 

Dana Point used to be a popular port for ships involved with hide trades, there is even a well-known statue that honors that period. We thought, “hm maybe the hide trades have something to do with their choice in leather?”. Maybe it did and maybe it didn’t. When we asked them they said it was more of a coincidence but I am guessing when it comes to these two, fate has a heavy hand. Their collection of leather goods includes; wallets, bags and home goods, all made with genuine leather. Must I ask, who doesn’t love leather? 


 These guys are dedicated to practicing what they call “mindful craftsmanship”. They are truly present in every stitch and cut of the leather and so when you hold something they made you are holding a piece of their heart and soul. Like many creatives, they built this business on the side of their “day-to-day” lives and they find peace in immersing themselves into the design and craft of their pieces. They strive to make timeless products that they can be proud of, and if we have any say, they should be very proud!   

What they love most about being small business owners is the connection they make with the ones who buy or receive their pieces. They really enjoy hearing the impact their items have on others lives. A wallet given to a groom on his wedding day or a planter that holds an orchid a Mother gets on her birthday will bring someone years of joy. These details make for an awesome story and we want you to know that story so you think of them when you hold that beautiful leather. 

You’re going to fall in love with these guys, just the way we did! Just in case you need a little push, go to their website and watch the video on their homepage

With Love, 

Mer + Haley