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Meet Lightwell Co..

Meet Lightwell Co..

Meet Morgan and Gary, the creatives and entrepreneurs behind Lightwell Co.. 

After planning for about a year they officially launched Lightwell Co this April! That's right, they have only been in business for 7 months and they are already in some of our favorite stores like WM Goods in Portland and Simply Grove Shop in Boise. 

After 4.5 months of operating, Hurricane Harvey came through their area, as they are located in Houston. When we checked in with them we found out they did have some minor flooding. “We were really lucky, we only had the minor floor damage, others in our neighborhood had way worse”. Meanwhile they stayed busy filling orders, they have been slammed for as long as we have known them! 

We initially found them searching on Instagram and we were struck by their beautifully simple look. Their feed was so much more than candles, it was pure lifestyle inspo. Their style is sophisticated and their aromas are soothing and dreamy. Even the name "Lightwell Co” is simple and classic. Morgan says, “we feel a simple name helped to represent our image of a clean burning, minimally styled candle” and we have to agree that it does just that! Their clean look allows them to attract customers with varying styles. They offer both a ceramic and a glass tumbler that will fit into any aesthetic; modern, boho, rustic, you name it. 

They hand pour the wax, using 100% American-grown soy and coconut wax, and mix in the perfect fragrances. And let us tell you, they truly are perfect. When it came down to choosing scents for this collection we went back and forth a lot. Do we choose based on time of the year? Do we pick what one subtle and one stand out scent? Man, you wouldn’t believe how hard it was, because we really liked them all. 

Morgan and Gary have dedicated themselves to creating the right experience for their customers. Even though we found them on our search for the perfect candle, they also make hand wash and room sprays and we love that. When we asked them if that was always a part of their vision Morgan said, “Actually it wasn’t. We got numerous requests for them! Everyone was saying how much they loved our candle scents and wanted to see them available in other products as well”. Uhh...started their business with one product in mind and instantly had demand to add more, wow! We don’t know about you but something about having a simple and gold-looking hand wash for your sink is a game changer. One of us (cough Meredith cough) is currently hiding the hand soap under the kitchen sink and would love to have one of their beautiful bottles out for everyone to see! 

Who was Morgan before Lightwell? The California native moved to Houston 10 years ago to be with Gary and never looked back. We related to her telling us all about the administrative field she worked in for 10 years and how she felt good about her work there but that it couldn’t compete with the part of her pushing to have her own business and doing it with her hubby as her partner. She gushes that Gary inspires her daily, “The passion he puts into everything is so inspiring. I am so blessed to get to wake up to him every day and do what we love to do, together”. Ok, ok, before all of our hearts melt like one of their magical candles….haha too corny? 

These two aren’t concerned with producing mass amounts of products on a daily basis but more about how the products perform so that their customers lives are genuinely more beautiful. They pour their love and passion into every single candle and each one you burn one from Lightwell is truly hand-made and with quality. “From the amount of fragrance that is used, to our labels, and dust covers, to the containers they are stored in, we strive for quality over quantity and want our products to speak for themselves”. This is one of the many reasons why we love to shop small, these artisans have put so much work into their craft and we get to be a part of that. To indulge ourselves with something that someone spent hours creating feels very enriching.

Life can be chaotic and sometimes we forget to stop and just take a freaking breath. Their scents will instantly soothe, enliven or balance your day out! Whether you work from home, like us, or come home from long days at the office, we all need a little sensory love. 

With Love, 

Haley + Mer