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Meet Nystrom Goods....

Meet Nystrom Goods....

Meet Nystrom Goods….

Nystrom Goods is based in beautiful Boise, Idaho and we first found them while walking the streets of Boise's downtown public market and (by no surprise) was pulled into their booth. They had hundreds of little juicy succulents screaming our name, and you already know how we are about plants. However, we were pleasantly surprised to see that they were more than just a supplier of succulent babies, we quickly spotted their handmade concrete planters. Over the last two years, we have watched their brand and style elevate to an even more sophisticated level. Nystrom Goods will no doubt be a household name in the near future. The exclusive coaster they made for our collection perfectly resemble what Nystrom Goods is all about; simple aesthetic, classic yet modern, and can stand out in any home.

Shayne pictured in the middle with HGTV's Luke and Clint from HGTV's newest show, Restoring Idaho. 

What we have learned is that the quality and the vibe of each business is directly correlated to the dynamic and style of the people running the show. This rad business is run by Shayne, the creative, and his brother and sister-in-law, logistics. So let’s give you a little behind the scenes into Nystrom. Just like we have asked everyone that we have worked with, we asked Shayne what inspires them and we feel their answer drives so many makers. “From the beginning, Nystrom was just about designing and making things we liked. Things for our own home that didn’t break the bank. A lot of the things I wanted to put in my home seemed to be in the higher price point. So… I took my knowledge from the cabinetry business and just started designing and making. I wanted to get my hands into things that I wasn’t totally knowledgeable about, to challenge myself and see if I could really translate what was in my head to a physical product". And when it comes to Shayne's brother and sister-in-law he says that they complement that process perfectly.

So, we have told you about their concrete planters but they do so much more than that! In fact, that is how we really got the chance to know Shayne. He posted on Instagram that he was working on some really cool concrete tiles and wanted to know if anyone was interested. They are exactly what I (Haley) want for a badass fireplace makeover so we met at a coffee shop and we  ended up talking about far more than just those tiles. That was pretty early on in our journey and when Shayne said, “coasters” our hearts skipped a beat and we knew right away that we wanted them included in our collection. In fact, we said yes before we even saw them haha. They were in a CAD design but hadn’t been produced yet. “We had this designed already but working with you ladies lit a fire under us to get it out”. Well, we say…. “you're welcome!” haha because they deserve to be in the world and we are stoked that our customers get them first :)! We got the sample 24 hours before leaving to Portland for the product shoot. I knew that I was going to love them but once I held them in my hand I was so much happier than I could have imagined  We promise you this….you won’t find any coasters this freaking cool! 

“So far I believe we have done what I had set out in my head from the beginning.”

 Talking with our partners about why they chose to dive into this venture with us fills us with the confidence that we need and sometimes inspires us so much it is overwhelming. When we asked Shayne he said, “I have really enjoyed your guys' energy and watching this whole thing unfold step-by-step. I was really interested from the beginning because of the actual service that you wanted to provide. I had never heard of a home goods box  that also provided the expertise of an interior designer. Now a person can get that extra help with not only great products but the help of making those products complement each other. AND without the huge price tag. You have really tapped into a market that could be very helpful to a lot of people.” Uhhhhh excuse us while we swoon over that answer. Hearing another creative get passionate over our project is exactly what we meant by filling us with confidence and inspiration. 

 Ok guys…here is the thing... we meant it when we said Nystrom Goods is doing some big things. They are gonna be a brand you will see more and more in modern design. Their clean modern lines mixed with an industrial flair is literally just so cool. They use quality materials that will last forever and can guarantee that they work their hardest to maintain those standards. 

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