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Styling the Collection...with some key insights from Kirsten Grove.

Styling the Collection...with some key insights from Kirsten Grove.

One of our missions at Native + nest is to bring a stylist to you without the high cost. Using our photos and the direction of designer, Kirsten Grove, we are going to help show you how you can style your collection for either your coffee table or in other areas of your home. For our first box we chose 6 exclusive items that pair well together or alone. The goal? Fill your home with quality goods that are beautiful, support small businesses and have a story. 

So, why these 6 items? Here is why...

Let us start with the Lightwell. A candle is an essential addition to your living space. Maybe you have guests coming over and you would like to instantly enliven your space with one flick of your lighter. Or your day has been really hectic and you need some soothing "me time". Scent is the simplest way to change a space or a mood. We feel like a candle provides a whole experience, not just a quick fix. 

An easy way to dress up a coffee table is to put some really great books on it. Books add class and style, and sometimes a piece of art. No matter what your style may be, a book will always fit in. We always love to look at the books people have on their coffee tables and it's a good way to engage guests or ignite conversation. 

Our custom concrete coasters will not only serve a purpose but look super rad. We wanted to give you materials that could be timeless and last you a long time. Concrete not only serves as a high-quality material but it adds a great texture and a modern twist. Anytime your styling different pieces together it's important to mix your textures. 

Leather is another high-quality material that adds texture and balance in our collection. The valet tray can be a place where you place your remotes, keys, wallet or even your new coasters. A good way to simplify and get a more minimalistic look is to add a catch-all. Also, its rectangular shape helps add dimension to any coffee table shape. 

Greenery is a very easy way to style your home, and sometimes it can be an inexpensive way we couldn't possibly leave that out! A xerographica air plant is one of the trendiest pieces of greenery right now and for good reason. It requires zero soil and pulls moisture of out the air. Pretty cool, right? So no telling us you have some "black thumb", because anyone can handle these guys. We love this air plant particularly because of its icy green color and organic curly leaves. It invites curiosity from anyone that touches it. 

And finally, clay. How could we possibly create a collection without the use of ceramics? We couldn't... so we didn't :). We wanted this piece to be super versatile and simple but most importantly different. We think Beth (of Bowman Ceramics) accomplished that flawlessly. This is her modern interpretation of a flower frog which is typically used at the bottom of a vase to hold the stems of an arrangement in place. This is perfect for those of us without a green thumb because you can simply cut a single stem and place it through one or several of the holes. We love that each piece is different and how it adds an earthy element that pulls everything together. 

 When it comes to styling your collection we wanted to share 3 major points with you; zones, personality, and living items...

You want to style your coffee table in simple zones. For example, zone one can be a few books, zone two can be a candle, and zone three a vase."If you have a large coffee table, zones one, two, and three can all be stacks of books and zone four can be a wider and shorter plant.” - Kirsten. We photographed our items on both a large and smaller table so you can see how we mixed up zones. If your table is square try to mix items that have a round and rectangular shape to it in order to bring balance and dimension. This would apply to a round table as well, and mixing in square and rectangular items. This helps to define each zone. 
Your Living Room 
"Your living room should reflect personality and taste” - Kirsten
Living rooms bring people together and should be comfortable and inviting. They also are rooms that should reflect you and your household or family. If you are a bold color lover, this is a place where you can add pops of color. If you are a plant person, there are many ways in which you can bring your greenery into this space. Love to read? This is a space you can create a reading nook. As Kirsten tells us, “live with what you love”. This way you aren’t sacrificing style!
 Flowers or plants are a good way to add varying heights and texture. Having fresh flowers or a living plant, quite literally brings your room to life. You want your living space to feel like it is actually lived in. Plants or arrangements are such an easy way to add colors and change themes without having to do much. Mums to celebrate that fall draft coming in, or bright green succulents to celebrate summer….you can never go wrong and they can be changed around as much as you would like. 

So, for your collection, we have tastefully captured how to style them using these three keys and some additional tips. 

If your coffee table is small or your living space is small, that’s ok. Everything needs to have a purpose and have a place where it belongs. Kirsten was very complimentary of our valet tray because she says,"using beautiful containers that can store the practical things help keep things tidy”.  - Kirsten


This oversized coffee table calls for quite a few zones. Because of its rectangular shape, we mixed in some items that add dimension and used books as a consistent theme. Also, don't be afraid to layer. For example.. we placed the plant on top of a book to add height and mix shapes. Similarly, the vase and candle pair well on another set of books. In this image, there are 6 zones. Each stack of books is its own zone and the valet tray, coasters, and vase create the 6th. 


For those of you who may want to split up your collection and use the items in different places we show you below how you can do that! Photographed here are some of our items used in areas such as the kitchen, side table, bar or mantle. You really can use our items to create the perfect vignette if they do not fit on your coffee table and as we have said, every item is versatile and can stand on its own. 

Books can go anywhere and a side table is a perfect spot for a catch-all! 
Look how simply each piece can be added to an existing collection. 
Notice there are 5 items but 3 zones. The books and valet tray make up one and the candle and vase create the other two. 
Simply put, green things can go anywhere!

Most importantly, these items are all quality, classic and tell a story. No matter what style your living space might reflect, our collection is filled with pieces that will add to the character of your home! 

We hope this was helpful, thanks for reading!


Mer + Haley